Convertible securities combine characteristics of stocks and bonds in a single security, and Jefferies' professionals combine experience and expertise to serve this complex and geographically diverse market. Our dedicated personnel in the Americas, Europe and Asia offer expertise in the sales, trading and analysis of global convertible bonds, convertible preferred shares, warrants and structured products. The scale of our operations provides superior client service by minimizing transaction costs and maximizing liquidity. Globally, Jefferies trades in over 750 different issues and maintains active relationships with more than 500 institutional and corporate clients, with a focus on providing unparalleled client service and attention.

Jefferies trades a broad range of convertible securities from large investment-grade issues to small private transactions. Our extensive customer base and experience in valuing and trading these securities allows us to provide ample liquidity in issues for which an active secondary market seldom exists. Acting as an intermediary between investors and structuring/issuing entities, we provide objective advice about the price and structure of equity-linked products and originates and distribute these instruments, as well as assist in the maintenance of liquidity during the products' lifecycle. In conjunction with our convertible origination effort, we are also active in the placement of new convertible issues and equity-linked financings. Our convertible sales and trading professionals also work closely with our analysts to disseminate research on the convertible securities universe to institutional investors.


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