Just Because The Market No Longer Goes Up Every Day, Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Have A Bounce In Our Step!

COVID became a household word in early March of 2020 and within six weeks, a tidal wave of stimulus, coupled with non-existent interest rates, created a powerful wind blowing at the back of almost every single financial services firm.

June 2022

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University of Rochester Community

May 2022

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Improved Mental Health And Empathy Will Lead Us Back To The Office

Jefferies has always been defined by our people and their entrepreneurial spirit. 

May 2022

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A Path in the Storm

We often write to you about the importance of separating out the noise, focusing on the right critical path priorities, building a culture based on empathy and inclusion, and achieving long-term versus short-term objectives.

April 2022

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Today We Are All Ukrainian

Yesterday our entire Jefferies family came together as each of us, our clients and our shareholders together raised $14.1 million that will go immediately to 20 different charities.

March 2022

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A “Boomer’s Guide" to Dealing with an Increasing Interest Rate Environment

For much of the past two decades, inflation has been all but non-existent and interest rates generally have only gone down.

February 2022

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Walk With A Bounce In Your Step And A Smile On Your Face, But Don’t Run

Almost welcome back!  Not surprisingly, we are getting questions about how to approach working from the office, entertainment, travel, etc. after January 31.  

January 2022

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Happy New (Fiscal) Year – 2021 Will Be a Tough One to Top, But We At Jefferies Always Find Our Way Forward

Yesterday, all 4,542 of us put the finishing touches on Jefferies’ 2021 Fiscal Year, and today we officially begin our journey into Fiscal 2022.

December 2021

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Day 1 To The Start Of Jefferies 60th Year, It’s Always Been About Our Clients and Our Team

On October 2nd, 1962, Boyd Jefferies borrowed $30,000 and purchased a seat on the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange.

October 2021

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Our Thoughts on the Balance of 2021 and Beyond – Living and Working in An Ongoing COVID World

We at Jefferies never get “everything right,” and our thoughts are not ironclad facts, but we hope the perspectives we’ve shared over the last year or so have demonstrated enough credibility that people will thoughtfully consider our further insights and perceptions.

September 2021

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